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SYS is a volunteer organization.   If you are interested in coaching please take the first step by completing a Coaching Application (found under the "Forms" menu option from the red banner at the top of the SYS Home page.  This must be completed for each soccer season, i.e every Spring and Fall.  Note: See below for additional requirements.    Also feel free to contact the appropriate VP / Director with any questions.


 Salem Youth Soccer Association is required to use the State’s ADULT & CORI REGISTRATION PROCESS to provide a safe environment for our players in conjunction with the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (“MYSA”). This is a mandatory ADULT REGISTRATION under Massachusetts law for our organization. 

 SYS requires you to cooperate with both the Registrar and the Compliance Officer (a/k/a “CORI Submitter”) to ensure full compliance with this process.  Your failure to comply prevents SYS from allowing you to participate in our program. 

 SYS is required to submit new ADULT REGISTRATION for all new coaches, assistant coaches, and team managers and for any volunteers whose background check is about to expire.

Volunteers should follow the 2 steps below:

 1.) Log into the MYSA Adult & Cori Registration Portal = MYSA Adult & Cori Registration Portal

  • Set up an account & fill out the required information - INCLUDING PROVIDING DIGITAL PHOTO OF YOURSELF - so have one prepared for upload before you start
  • Note: The 'Name of Organization' is Salem Youth Soccer Association
  • Ensure everything on the checklist has been completed adult_registration_-_checklist_2022.pdf (
    • Complete SafeSport Abuse Prevention Training
    • Complete Concussion Training
    • Complete one-time CORI Verification Process**.   This can be done before your trainings are fully completed.  

** You must print the CORI receipt form and fill it out. This must be delivered to the Cori Submitter who will advertise dates to meet for verification. Please set up arrangements for this by email to:


More information about the MYSA Adult & Cori Registration Process, please click on the following

MYSA Adult & Cori Registration Portal


Requirements to be a coach

  1. You like to have fun and enjoy being around kids
  2. You have the time to consistently attend practices and games.  This does not mean you never miss but that players and parents can depend on you to be there most of the time.
  3. You must complete a CORI form prior to the start of each season
  4. You must complete and submit a coaching application to the registrar prior to the fall season or prior to the spring season if you did not coach in the fall.

 raining/Coaching Licenses

 You are not required to have a coaching license for the in-town program (U6 or U8) but SYS encourages new coaches to get their F licenses through Mass Youth Soccer.  The F course can be taken online and SYS will reimburse coaches for the cost of the course

  • Coaches for U10 and above are strongly encouraged to have an F license or higher. 
  • Coaching courses are offered throughout the year at various locations.  Occasionally SYS will host a course but coaches can go to any course that they want to.  SYS will reimburse coaches for the course fees.
  • Please go to's_corner.aspx for details about the various courses offered.  The calendar tab will take to you to a calendar of all upcoming license courses that are being offered. 


 The coach is responsible for the safety of the players

  1. Make sure players wear appropriate equipment
  2. Players may not participate in practice or games if they are not wearing shin guards
  3. The coach should inspect the field and equipment prior to starting practice or games to make sure the area is safe.
  4. Do not allow players to hang from goals.
  5. Address dangerous or unsafe style of play
  6. Make sure you have first aid supplies available at all times.  There is a first aid kit in our current storage container. Ice packs are in the container as well.  If you would like a few ice packs to carry with you to games please contact the equipment director to get a few.  It is also a good idea to carry basic first aid supplies in your coaches bag (e.g. ice packs, ace bandages, band-aids)
  7. Make sure all players are supervised until their legal guardian picks them up or someone designated by their legal guardian picks them up.
  8. Have players stay in your sight until they are picked up. Coaches may not leave the field until all players have been picked up.
  9. Make sure you always have contact information with you in case you need to call a parent/guardian if a child has not been picked up (home and cell phone numbers for parents/guardians and one other emergency contact person)

 Coaching Links - Mass Youth Soccer website has many soccer activities for all age groups.  They also have information about coaching license courses, tournaments, and state leagues. - United States Youth Soccer website has information for coaches, players and parents. - Session Plans